Devoraré bollic@os por ti[For You I'll Eat E-cl@irs]

Cristina’s father is a disaster. Who else would set up a Valencian refreshment parlour in London? To carry out this harebrained plan would be like trying to sell ice to the Eskimos. The idea leads to a rift with Cristina and her boyfriend Ramón, although they correspond daily by e-mail, thus giving us an insight into their changing feelings. Bizarre characters come onto the scene, such as Charlie Purdey, the St Marylebone dentist, who dreams of carnal contortions with Cristina’s mother, or the Zanettis, a crazed Calabrian family inserted into the heart of London.

The author
The ability of Pasqual Alapont (Catarroja 1963) to create enjoyable stories and likeable characters is evident in many works of children’s and young adult’s literature and theatre, such as ¡No sigues bajoca! (Don’t be a Pea-Brain!), Pipistrellus pipistrellus or Currículum.

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